3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wallet Friendly Fashion

      First, I want to say sorry that there was no post yesterday. The writers of fashion and frosting were out shopping! We went to Columbia mall and now, I have to say, I am BROKE! Which, coincidentally, has something to do with this post. We will have a post about our shopping experience up soon but  now to Wallet Friendly Fashion!  
   Thanks to a special commenter, this post is going to be about wallet- friendly Fashion! This includes hair, make-up, accessories, and clothes. I might do a series like this if you guys like it! All of these items you can buy IN A STORE or online. I know I hate it when I find something I LOVE and I have to order it online! So, without further ado, wallet friendly fashion!                                          

                                                     These tennis shoes from Forever21 are adorable! The floral print is going to remain in style for a long time and the black background makes these perfect for the colder season! Love ‘em? Click Here        
          This cosmetic bag is from… Forever21! Its only $4.80! While you’re there, why not stock up on their other cheap cosmetic and beauty products? Love it? Click here
Cropped French Terry Popover Hoodie - GarageI am in LOVE with this cropped sweatshirt from Garage. It is great for the transition season or, layer it for the colder weather! Want one? Click here
Off the Shoulder Pocket Tee - GarageWhat’s better than a comfy long sleeve t-shirt? This looks cute with a fun printed razor back cami or just with a pair of jeans. Wanna check it out? Click here
ULTApd-detailMain-2230771 No, you aren’t dreaming, all of this for only $17! What a steel! If you are looking for more eye shadow colors, this is the definitely the way to go! Pinch yourself, click here
If you are just starting out in the world of make-up or are looking to get an upgrade, these brushes are for you! 4 basic brushes for only $15.99. Want them? Click here
 Cute, diamond mesh tights for $3.80. Look amazing under a short dress. Nuff said. Click here

Well, I hope you liked this first post of Wallet- friendly Finds! Leave a comment if you want another post like this or if you want Wallet- friendly fashion in a certain area (like accessories, make-up…etc.)  We love to hear from you! Comment or email us at fashandfrost@gmail.com ! Megan's corner will be up soon, along with some fun hair and make-up tutorials! Get excited! 

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