3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Outfit Outline

   We've all been there: You have something to get ready for but just have NO idea what to wear! Then, you get a stain, or something isn't clean and you just have no idea what you are going to do! Well, I'm here to help! I have put together an “outline” for outfits. Just fill it in with what you have, what will match, or what you like! They are just here for inspiration and to make that “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” a little less stressful!

Outline #1
My obsession right now:

Top: Flowy t-shirt or tank top
Jacket: Blazer
Bottoms: light wash ripped jeans
Shoes: Cute and fun pair of flats
Everything else: Why not try a messy bun, a smudged eye look, and some layer necklaces?

Outline #2

Top: Natural color tank top
Jacket: Soft cardigan with embellishment
Bottoms: Dark wash jeans
Shoes: Pretty ballerina flats
Everything Else: Messy bun on the top of your head, gray eyeliner with soft colored blush, lipstick, and shadow. Pretty, flirty necklace.

Outfit #3
A Little Country:

Top: Plaid shirt
Bottoms: any kind of jean will look good; dark wash for a more sophisticated look or ripped light wash for a rougher look
Shoes: Boots (any color will work)
Everything Else: Lightly curled hair, stud earrings, light makeup

Outfit #4:
My edgy look:

Top: Flowy shirt
Jacket: Cardigan (I like my wide striped one)
Bottoms: Dark wash jeans
Shoes: converse (love my red ones!)
Everything Else: Straightened hair, black liner, no eye shadow, chain necklace, stud earrings

Outfit #5:

Top: Flowy shirt or tank top (are you getting the trend? You can make these looks with just a few key pieces!)
Jacket: Leather Jacket
Bottoms: Ripped or dark wash jeans (or bright colors if your feeling bold)
Shoes: Flats, heels, boots (whatever you are feeling)
Everything else: Sleek pony tail, light liner and pretty shadow, darker lip. Feather earrings (one of my new obsessions!)

There will be more of these coming soon if you like them! Leave a comment or email us! We LOVE to hear from you! Sorry, our “follower” thing is temporarily down! We will let you know when it is working again! Leave a comment with a fashion outline! You might see it in the next post! 


  1. This is such a great idea and will be a big help! <3 Jess SparksandFireworks.blogspot.com

  2. Really nice collection to wear.Leather jackets,shirts,flowy shirts are alla my favorite outfits.....


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