3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

Monday, August 8, 2011

Beauty Essentials/ My First Post!

Hi everyone! If you have been checking out this site, you'll see that Emma created a post about fashion essentials. The clothing you choose to wear really says something about you. And, as you all know, accessories are a key part to creating an outfit. But, what a lot of people don't know is, the makeup you choose to wear is probably your most important accessory. Your beautiful face should be the thing that people notice when they see you. And with a little help, you can enhance your key accessory. So, to get you started, here are some beauty essentials:

 Foundation/Concealer: if you are anything like me, you hate wearing foundation. With that said though, it is extremely important to have a nice foundation for special occasions. Concealer is equally important. It covers blemishes, dark circles, and in my case the new bruise I'm currently sporting on my face. (hint: Clinique counters are extremely helpful when it comes to finding your perfect color)

Moisturizer: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! I don't think you can get any more important than moisturizer. It helps keep your skin smooth now, and wrinkle free in the future. (hint: by one with at least SPF 15)

 Mascara: I think this is the most basic item you can have in your makeup bag. It works for absolutely everyone. There's waterproof, lengthening, thickening, even colored mascara, plus a million more!

 Neutral Eyeshadow: Great for daytime, a neutral shadow works for any occasion. I tend to go for one that has a little gold in it.

 Black/Brown Eyeliner: Whichever you prefer, a black or brown eyeliner is great to add drama, or to wake you up in the morning.

 Bobby Pins and Hair Ties: Although these aren't makeup essentials, they're great to keep in your purse or in your makeup bag. You never know when your are going to have flyaways or when you are going to need your hair out of your face.

 Hope this post was helpfu!


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  1. hi, I'm a big fashion kinda person and i think its reallly cool you consider make-up an accesory! I'm not very good at makeup but this post is definetly going to help me so much! thanks! Loved it!


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