3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


For those of you that read either The Beauty Department and/or laurenconrad.com, you will know that it is no coincidence that this post is all about pretty, fashion, beauty things that have inspired me lately. No only does Lauren Conrad do a "Friday Favorite" were she lists some of her favorite things from the week, but the Beauty Department has done an Inspiration post recently. So, I decided to take a whack at it:

I promise it will be better next time! Comment or email us with your "inspiration" and you might see it in a post! 

p.s here are links to The Beauty Department's inspirational post and Lauren Conrad's most recent friday favorite! http://thebeautydepartment.com/2011/11/inspiration-station/

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall in love...

...With these fall trends!

Just a quick post to give you some inspiration! 

Color Blocking

Electric Jewlery



Hope this gives you some inspiration! Remember, you can pull off the hotest (and craziest) run way trends everyday! Instead of going big, just sprinkle the trend throughout your outfit! More on this, coming soon! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall For these Shoes

        We have been getting tons of requests here at Fashion and Frosting, and trust us, we are getting to them a quickly as possible. Today’s request however, comes from Ali. So, today we will be talking about cute, casual, fall shoes, that won’t break the bank AND are break from UGGS.

When I first saw these, I thought “They’re just a knock off of Vans” but then I saw the inside… THEY ARE FURRY! That’s right! They keep you warm and look like vans. Want them? Click here.

I wear these all of the time in the winter. They kind of replace my boat shoes. They are warm, comfortable, and if you can’t afford the “on brand” these are perfect! (and between you and me, I think they are cuter anyway!) Click here.

Converse. One of my fall staple pieces. I wear my red ones with everything! I have the real ones but you can find knock off ones at places like payless or famous footwear. Delias also sells them. Find these here.

What is one of my favorite things about fall? Boots! They can be formal or super casual. I love these over skinny jeans and a flowy top! Get them here!

Match this flirty pair of flats with a sweet top and ripped jeans for a fun flirty look. Get ‘em here.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your school or casual weekend outfits! And remember, just because its school doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of my favorite fashion season, fall! Just keep it classy and casual! Love this post? Tell us! Have a great idea? Have another type of shoe you love for fall? Have good ideas? We absolutely LOVE to hear from you! Comment or email us!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Little Mishap

Hi everyone! Today I have a little story for you...

     I don't know if you remember, but Emma did a post where she mentioned the Tresemme Dry Shampoo. Well, I recently decided that I should try it. So, I went to Target.
    When I was there, I saw the dry shampoo, but didn't know which one I should get. I just chose one that said it was for normal hair. 
     The next day, before school, I decided to try it out. I read the directions; three simple steps. Seemed easy enough. So, I sprayed it in my hair, waited two minutes and then I assumed it was done.
     I then tried to brush out my hair, like the bottle said. I could hardly get the comb through my hair! I don't even know what happened! I went to school and told Emma and she just laughed. I apparently got the wrong kind. I should've gotten the foam kind. I got the spray kind. I then had this confirmed by another friend. So, I hope this little story helps you in the future.
    Moral of the story: FOAM NOT SPRAY, when it comes to dry shampoo. Comment below with your own stories!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rule The Curl

You wake up and look in the mirror to find your hair sticking up in all direction, your curls going everywhere and there’s a poof. Yeah, most of us have at least some degree of this. We can’t all have pin straight hair, and honestly that would get quite boring! So, if you have curly hair, hold on because your time is coming! Curls and wavey hair is back in! Yay! However, for those of you with straight flat hair, don’t worry. There are so many ways to get curls into your hair! Just wait, a post on that is on the way!

Follow these tips and tricks to make your mane, a little more manageable.
DO NOT TOWL DRY! I know, I’m guilt of doing the turban twist after I get out of the shower too. However, the towel makes your hair brake and therefore gets frizzier and more fly aways. Go for drying your hair with an old t-shirt instead!
Do not brush your hair when wet. Instead gently go through it with a wide tooth comb. Again, les fly aways and frizz! Also, if you must pull hair back, don’t tie hair back while it’s still wet or use rubber bands, which can snag or pull hair
Invest in a good curl product. There are so many out there to try. I can’t really recommend any to you because what works in my hair, might not work in yours. So go out there and get experimenting! Let us know what you find and what you like! You might see it in another post!
Use a good conditioner and shampoo. Sounds simple right? But, some stylists suggest not even using shampoo when you wash your hair! If you can’t bear breaking up with your shampoo, then pick a shampoo that is made specifically for curly hair. Bumble and Bumble and Rusk are two great brands made for curly hair. However, if you are on a budget, try L’OrĂ©al or John Frieda. Even better: Avocado is great for conditioning hair. Mix it with a spoonful of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and let it sit for a half an hour.
Get regular trims. Curly hair has low porosity, which means that it doesn’t absorb as much water, and it's dryer. That means, your hair will get more split ends and breakage. So make sure you get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. Keeping your hair healthy will avoid any worse splitting!

Hope this gives you a little help! More hair tips and tutorials on the way! Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where have you been?

       We are so sorry for the posting, or lack there of, recently. We promise we are working to get great new stuff out to you! Between our busy schedules, you might see posts every other day. However, we PROMISE to get at least 4 a week for you! We are working on new tutorials, contests, and guest blog posts as fast as we can! Thank you lovelies for all of your patience!
Love and hugs,
Emma and Carey

Fall is Here

Now that summer is over, we're all left with summer clothes that are just sitting there. Well don't worry! A lot of your summer pieces can be used for fall too!

Tanks Galore: Tank tops are great for layering. I live in sweaters during the winter, so its nice to be able to pair tanks underneath. They also look good under light jackets.

Summer Dresses: Sun dresses are still great in the fall. Depending on how cold it is, wear it with a light cardi and boots, or wear it with tights, cute flats, and a jacket.

Jewelry: Fun summer pieces are great when paired with dark fall clothes. Brighten up a gray sweater with pink earrings or bracelets!

That's all for today, comment or send us an email!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So you are probably asking yourself "Why hasn't Emma posted anything in forever?" Well, the answer is simple: busy. So I'm very sorry but today I have more important things to talk about.... that's right! Hair tools!
Recently, I was watching a contest by Kandee Johnson. Its about the new straighteners and blow driers from sultra. I am IN LOVE with these two tools! The new "Seductress" is the new best ever straightener. I will give you the links to the website and a link to Kandee's video at the end, but here are the basics. This think goes from 0-395 degrees (Fahrenheit) in 4 seconds! But wait! There's more! It has 3 temperature settings, a rotatable 9 foot long cord, and the newest technology in hot plates! In love yet? You will be! Click here to go to the site and here to go to Kandee's video.
They also have the new blow drier. It has all of this cool stuff, but you can see it all for yourself here.

Do you have either of these? Let us know!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gotta Have It

Hi everyone, so I haven't written in awhile and I'm really sorry. So, today I'm going to do a post on everything I'm using or wanting to use that's beauty related (a lot of this stuff is great for homecoming).

You can't see it here, but I'm obsessed with this new eye shadow color from Bare Escentuals. It's called Masquerade and its the prettiest blue I've ever seen. The funny thing is, I don't usually like blue eye shadow, but I love this one. It's not as pretty online as it is in person, but check it out here.

I just got this new perfume. Its by Taylor Swift and smells AMAZING! But, I have to confess, I bought this perfume for the bottle, not the smell. Its just so darn pretty. Get it here.

I don't have this yet, but I'm obsessed with sparkles, so I just have to try it. It looks simple enough and really pretty. Its also cheap. Get it here.

Last, but not least, is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. I've been wanting this for a looooong time. I'm not positive if it works and that's why I want to try it (if anyone knows, please tell me). You can get it here.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Brights on the Bottom

     I was asking my friend what she would like to read on the blog. She said she wanted to know whether or not jeans in different colors were still in. My personal answer? YES! And, I’m pretty sure the fashion world agrees. So, I’m going to show you how to rock the “bright on the bottom” look.


Purple: I love this tri-colored tank from Forever21. It has the some tones/ color family as the purple without having purple actually in it…does that make sense? Or pair it with a cream sweater for a more feminine look.

Electric Blue: The blue jeans are so bright, it’s better to go with natural colors like this grey sweater or this loose cream tee. Pair it with some cute flats or even converse.

Red: I love this red color! Isn’t it gorgeous? Pair it with greys to make sure it pops! (note: just STAY AWAY from green! You don’t want to end up looking like Christmas!)

I hope this gives you the confidence to make your jeans a little brighter! More tutorials and fun stuff on the way! Remember to enter the contest! For rules and all of that fun stuff, go here! Remember to comment! We love to hear from you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friend or Foe?

Ok, I know, I know, it’s been FOREVER! But, in my defense I’m a pretty busy person. Plus, I have the contest that I am moderating (keep up the great posts and ideas!) When you’re busy, and stressed, what happens? That’s right! Break-outs! So what do I do when those unfriendly little blemishes pop up? Well, Carey briefly talked about covering up blemishes in the post yesterday. She also said that we both use that new Neutrogena concealer. I personally LOVE it! Not only does it cover really well, it actually helps fight off your break-outs! Make sure to pick out your right color though. (Seems obvious, but you would be surprised…)
                Another one of my tricks is “The Original Alpha Hydrox” by Avon. It’s like magic in a bottle. I put it on my trouble areas at night, and when I wake up, I feel like they are at least 50% better!
                For an airbrushed look, after you cover your blemishes and put on some concealer, use a powder in your skin tone and sweep it all over your face. It gives you a final “air brushed” look.

Ok, well, hope this helps when the unexpected break-outs come up! I have a great fashion post coming up! Also, look out for some awesome make-up tutorials! Remember to enter the contest! For official rules and guidelines go here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Zits Be Gone

       Everyone gets zits. But, not everyone knows how to cover them. So, I'm going to have a little zit 101 for you. Let's get started.

  • First of all WASH YOUR FACE! I use Philosophy Purity face wash. I then follow up with Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. It moisturizes while fighting zits. This is my routine, but everyone needs to find their own.
  • Then use some type of spot treatment on the zit you want to cover.
  • After that find a concealer that matches your skin tone, but with green undertones. Green hides the redness of the zit.
  • Cover the zit on all sides with the concealer
  • Finally use loose powder to set the concealer

Also, if you think you want to buy this, Neutrogena has a skin clearing blemish concealer. It fights zits while covering it. Emma and I use the Neutrogena skin clearing foundation too. Check it out here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Newest Look

      Lately, I've been trying different makeup looks that work the best for me. I found one look that is super simple and looks great on me. I wanted to share it with everyone. However, it may not look good on everyone so try it out first, and then if it looks great, flaunt it! Here it is:

For Day:

  1. use concealer on under eye circles and blemishes
  2. swipe concealer on your eyelid like eyeshadow
  3. line the upper lash line in black and wing it out slightly
  4. dust a shimmery white shadow on the tear ducts and brow bones
  5. put on your favorite black mascara
For Night:
  1. mix liquid foundation and moisturizer on your hand and then rub all over the face evenly (gives a dewy look)
  2. sweep a light gray or brown shadow on the eyelid
  3. blend a darker shade of gray or brown into the crease
  4. line the upper lash line in black and wing it out slightly
  5. dust a shimmery white shadow on the tear ducts and brow bones
  6. use the same shimmery white shadow to line the water line (inner lower lash line)
  7. put on your favorite black mascara

    I hope you like this post and please enter our contest! We also need suggestions for the blog so don't hesitate to comment or email us! We could really use your input.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Need You!

         Do YOU have the next most popular blog post idea? If you do, leave it in the comments or email it to us at www.fashandfrost@gmail.com . YOU could be responsible for the next post! Want even more? Instead of just giving us an idea, you can write your own and be a guest post! All entries by September 23rd! Winner will be announced soon after that!
Can’t wait to see what all of you lovey ladies come up with!
Emma and Carey 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tops Knots

                One of the newest trends in hair is the top knots (sometimes known as fun buns). They keep you cool in the summer and the style is just flirty and fun. For those of you who don’t know what top knots are, they are pigtail buns on the top of your head. Here’s how to do it:
1.       Part your hair the way you like and brush it out
2.       Take one side and pull it into a high ponytail
3.       Do the same to the other side
4.       Next wrap the ponytail around the base, into a ballerina bun
5.       Do the same to the other ponytail
6.       Pin any lose hairs with bobby pins
          I hope this was a helpful post. I love the fun bun look. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but will soon and let you know how it goes. Comment below!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dazzle Me

Right now, aside from blue eyeliner, I’m really into sparkly eye shadow. My favorite is part of the Sephora Collection in Carine 26.
Here are my two favorite ways to wear it:
First Way:
Down Toned
1.       Sweep a nude all over your lid
2.       Dab a little white shadow in the inner corner of your eye
3.       Sweep white shadow on your brow bone
4.       Put on your favorite black or grey eyeliner on your upper and lower lid
5.       Take an angles brush and carefully line the sparkly shadow under your lower lashes. Get as close to your lashes as possible.
6.       Put on your favorite mascara

Second Way:
Party Time
1.       Sweep a nude all over your lid
2.       If your sparkle eye shadow is a skin tone or earthy tone, sweep it all over your lid. If not, work it into the crease
3.       Sweep a white or your nude shadow on your brow bone
4.       Follow steps 4-6 in “Toned Down”

Hope this gives you some inspiration for school or even a dance! Sparkle and metallic is all over the runway this season!
Comment or email us! We love to hear from you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look Cute, Stay Warm

         First of all, I'm so sorry for not posting in a few days. I just got back to school, so I've been a little a busy.  Anyway, I have to say that I'm not a jacket person. There are really cute ones, but they tend to be hard to find, and I just like not having to worry about them. But, as it gets colder I really do need them, so here are a few jackets that are perfect for this fall.

The first jacket I picked out can't be shown (darn american eagle!). Look at it here. I think this would look cute as a jacket, but also as part of your outfit. It would especially look great over a dress worn with boots.

I love this jacket! I actually have a similar one to this from Hollister. There's just something about brown leather bombers that makes me fall in love. They look cute with everything. Also, this jacket is perfect for those of you who don't believe in wearing real leather. Get it here.

This next jacket also can't be shown. I love this jacket because it has a sort of boyish feel, but its structured. Its perfect for those with a sporty style. Its perfect as an addition to an outfit or for after soccer practice. Check it out here.

I love this jacket. It has a New York City feel to it. Its just a classic. 'Nuff said. Get it here.

     I hope this post was helpful to the people like me who don't like jacket shopping. Comment below or email us. We love hearing from you!


Quick! Make- Up your Mind!

First of all, sorry that there hasn't been a post in so long! We try to alternate days but, with school and sports and whatnots, we might alternate every other day. I thought it was Carey's turn, but it looks like she hasn't posted so I guess I will go again. So, here it is:
With school starting, its time again for early mornings and rushed routines! So, why not have a list of different make-up ideas ready? I have come up with two that I use to show you.

Morning Blues
I recently read on thebeautydepartment.com that blue looks good on anyone, with any eye color!

First Option:
-          Rim you lower eyelash line and upper eyelash line with a blue (any color you want!) eyeliner.
-          Sweep a nude color all over your lid
-          Take a darker nude color and work it into the crease and and blend it into outer corner of your eye.
-          Swipe on your favorite mascara (we are obsessed with Mousse Mascara from covergirl)
-          Favorite lip gloss
-          Cover any blemishes

Quicker Option:
-          Rim you lower eyelash line and upper eyelash line with a blue (any color you want!) eyeliner.
-          Sweep nude all over your lid
-          Swipe on your favorite mascara
-          Cover any blemishes
-          Go!

Rise and Shine
In the morning, its hard to look perky if your half asleep… until now.

First Option:
-          Put  on a brown liner on the bottom rim of your eye
-          Sweep a nude eye shadow all over your eye.
-          Put a light nude or white eyeshadow in the corner of your eye
-          Put that same eye shadow on your brow bone
-          Rim that sane eyeshade under your bottom lash line with an angled brush
-          Cover up any blemishes

Second Option:
-          Put  on a brown liner on the bottom rim of your eye
-          Sweep a nude eye shadow all over your eye.
-          Put a light nude or white eye shadow in the corner of your eye
-          Put that same eye shadow on your brow bone
-          Cover up any blemishes

Of course, washing your face and using a good moisturizer before you put on any make-up is extremely important! I hope you will use these looks! Let us know what you think! If you want,  send or comment with your morning make-up routine!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hey! Hows Your Hair?

       As I was looking through some of the posts on Fashion and Frosting, I noticed two things. One: I feel these posts are really helpful and two: We don’t do nearly enough on hair! I mean come on! Your hair style can make or break an outfit. So, I will be doing more hair post from now on (3 are underway as you are reading this). First I am going to be talking about things I use in my hair, things I used, and things I want to use.

In my hair:

Right now I am in love with the “dry shampoo” by Tresemme. For those of you that don’t know what dry shampoo is, I’ll tell you! It may sound kinda gross, but it’s actually good to not wash your hair every night. Actually, it’s even good to not wash it every other night. So, I bet now you’re thinking “Ok, so if I don’t wash my hair, it’s going to get greasy and gross!” Well, that’s where the dry shampoo comes in! You just put the foam in your hands (it says 3 but I use around 4 because I have thick hair) and work it through your hair. It lifts the oil and gross things but, leaves the things your hair needs that you normally take out when you wash it!

“Iron Guard” by Chi. So, I can’t afford a Chi hair straightener, (all though Carey has one and if you’re have the money, is so worth it!) but that doesn’t mean I don’t use their protecting spray! The only thing I do not like about it is, it makes my hair all stiff. If I don’t straighten a section enough, or if the hair doesn’t get hot enough, the product doesn’t burn out, and leaves my hair stiff and gross. I haven’t tried a different spray, so I can’t say whether or not I love this one, but I will definitely be buying a different brand soon!

Tresemme Smooth and Shine shampoo and conditioner. Can conditioners actually do the things they say they will on the bottle? I mean, even though I bought this knowing it wasn’t going to make my hair magically different, I was still hoping that it would show a little change. Maybe it’s the brand? If you know of a brand that does what they say they will, please email us, or comment! I would LOVE to know!

Used to be in my hair:
Herbal Essences. Ok, so if I thought my Tresemme didn’t work, this didn’t work times a million! I bout the straightening shampoo and I swear, it made my hair curlier! Uhg!
Imagine this if you will: A young girl, about 12 or 13 years old, walking into Ulta to buy her very first straightener! Which one should she choose? She didn’t know so she goes up and asks the person at the counter for help. The person said she should get the Zoey Straightener and so the little girl, excited as can be, spent about $60 on it. She goes home and uses it just to find that… it doesn’t straighten hair. That’s right, I think it actually made my hair puffier! Don’t buy it. Another waste of money.

What I Want to Buy:
I don’t mean to disappoint, but the only thing that is on my list right now is a good curling iron. I need like a 1’’ barrel and I’m still looking for one. (If you have any suggestions, by all means contact us!)

I hope this helped a little and if it didn’t, well then I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my hair product hits and misses! I will have more hair things on the way! Megan’s Corner and a new make-up tutorial are coming soon!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cozy Up

    Fall is probably my favorite season. The air is fresh, everything smells like cinnamon and spice, but most of all, I get to start wearing cozy sweaters. Emma and I were talking the other day at the mall, and both agreed that there is something endearing about ugly sweaters. So much so, that Emma bought one, and even though its still warm out, wears proudly. Even though we love ugly sweaters, most people don't really want to wear them in public. So, I've compiled a list of cozy, yet pretty, sweaters.

I can't pull up the picture on this sweater, but I can give you the link. This sweater reminds me of the extremely sought after Norwegian sweaters, but a lot cheaper. I want this sweater so bad, but still haven't decided if I want it in sand or navy. Check it out here.

This boyfriend sweater is 70% wool and 30% cotton. I just want to snuggle up in it. This sweater would be perfect for a fall date. I'd pair this with skinny jeans, a bright colored flat (maybe purple?), and a statement necklace. Get the sweater here.

This sweater is perfect for fall. Its short-sleeved, but still keeps you nice and snuggly. It comes in 6 different colors and is anything but boring. This sweater would look great with a flowy skirt and cowboy boots. Find it here.

The last sweater is also unable to be shown here. Just looking at this sweater makes me want to curl up in it with hot cocoa and a book. Check it out here.

    I hope you are all as excited as me to start wearing sweaters with the upcoming season. I can't wait to start shopping for these sweaters! Comment below with your opinion on the sweaters! Also, shoot us an email with any questions or ideas.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lace Up, Polka Dance, Take a bow

for my blog
   3 of my favorite trends this fall would have to be lace, polka dots, and bows! Whether in your hair, for your clothes, on your feet, or as accessories! So, I went on a hunt to find ALL things lacey, plolka dottie, and bow(ey?)
This is a really cute lace top from American Eagle. I can’t show you the picture but if you want to see it, click here. (p.s. blogger is being mean today, so sorry about the weird formatting!) 

I love this top from Forever21. It would look great under a leather jacket, or a cute cardigan. Bonus for being a flowy tank top! Want it? Get it here.

WomensAmerican EagleWomen's Avery Bow FlatThese plum bow flats would look adorable with jeans or a little black dress! Try it with cute lace tights with your LBD! Love them? Get it here!

Bow Printed Lace Tank - GarageUm, bows AND lace??? Count me in! Put a cami under, add a cardigan, and go! I am thinking of scooping this tank top up myself! Want it? (I know I do!) Click here.
This hair bow wrap is the way to add some pizazz to any outfit! Having a bad hair day? Works for that too! Try it with your hair down, to the side, in a braid, in a ponytail, or a bun! Want it? Go here.
This polka-dot t-shirt looks adorable with skinny jeans! Add a pair of red flats and your good to go! Want it? Click here.

                 Now, are you as excited with these trends as me? Let us know in the comments! Also, out follower thing still isn’t working! (Blogger hasn’t been any help at all) So, if you can’t see our followers or you can’t follow, don’t worry! It should be up and running again shortly! Make sure to tell your friends about Fashion and Frosting!