3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hey! Hows Your Hair?

       As I was looking through some of the posts on Fashion and Frosting, I noticed two things. One: I feel these posts are really helpful and two: We don’t do nearly enough on hair! I mean come on! Your hair style can make or break an outfit. So, I will be doing more hair post from now on (3 are underway as you are reading this). First I am going to be talking about things I use in my hair, things I used, and things I want to use.

In my hair:

Right now I am in love with the “dry shampoo” by Tresemme. For those of you that don’t know what dry shampoo is, I’ll tell you! It may sound kinda gross, but it’s actually good to not wash your hair every night. Actually, it’s even good to not wash it every other night. So, I bet now you’re thinking “Ok, so if I don’t wash my hair, it’s going to get greasy and gross!” Well, that’s where the dry shampoo comes in! You just put the foam in your hands (it says 3 but I use around 4 because I have thick hair) and work it through your hair. It lifts the oil and gross things but, leaves the things your hair needs that you normally take out when you wash it!

“Iron Guard” by Chi. So, I can’t afford a Chi hair straightener, (all though Carey has one and if you’re have the money, is so worth it!) but that doesn’t mean I don’t use their protecting spray! The only thing I do not like about it is, it makes my hair all stiff. If I don’t straighten a section enough, or if the hair doesn’t get hot enough, the product doesn’t burn out, and leaves my hair stiff and gross. I haven’t tried a different spray, so I can’t say whether or not I love this one, but I will definitely be buying a different brand soon!

Tresemme Smooth and Shine shampoo and conditioner. Can conditioners actually do the things they say they will on the bottle? I mean, even though I bought this knowing it wasn’t going to make my hair magically different, I was still hoping that it would show a little change. Maybe it’s the brand? If you know of a brand that does what they say they will, please email us, or comment! I would LOVE to know!

Used to be in my hair:
Herbal Essences. Ok, so if I thought my Tresemme didn’t work, this didn’t work times a million! I bout the straightening shampoo and I swear, it made my hair curlier! Uhg!
Imagine this if you will: A young girl, about 12 or 13 years old, walking into Ulta to buy her very first straightener! Which one should she choose? She didn’t know so she goes up and asks the person at the counter for help. The person said she should get the Zoey Straightener and so the little girl, excited as can be, spent about $60 on it. She goes home and uses it just to find that… it doesn’t straighten hair. That’s right, I think it actually made my hair puffier! Don’t buy it. Another waste of money.

What I Want to Buy:
I don’t mean to disappoint, but the only thing that is on my list right now is a good curling iron. I need like a 1’’ barrel and I’m still looking for one. (If you have any suggestions, by all means contact us!)

I hope this helped a little and if it didn’t, well then I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my hair product hits and misses! I will have more hair things on the way! Megan’s Corner and a new make-up tutorial are coming soon!


  1. Web my hair stylist told me about dry shampoo I was like "WHAT"! Irsoes sous gross lol... Maybe I will give it a try ;)

  2. I don't know what happened with that first comment lol! I meant to say it does seem gross !


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