3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

3 girls, 1 blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Fall Wishlist

      Fall shopping has to be my absolute favorite shopping season. The thought of getting into new jeans and cozy sweaters, actually beats out the thought of bringing out the classic summer staple, short shorts. Anyway, fall shopping is a lot of fun. Here's a few pieces that are on my list:

Flare jeans! They are so in this season. My favorite pair (there's supposed to be a picture, but I'm having issues) is super cute and actually comes in my size. So, for all of you short girls out there try these.

Here is the sweater that I am currently in love with. I actually already bought this sweater (shopping spree yesterday!). Now, even though it cost more than I would have liked, the cost per wear in this situation is great. Since I got it in a really dark navy it'll go with basically anything, plus I practically live in sweaters during the cold months. Even though the cost per wear is great, I'd be lying if I said that the reason I bought this sweater is not due to the fact that it feels like heaven on your arms. I mean, its seriously soft.

If you want it, get it here.

Next item up (which I also can't upload the picture to) is a really pretty cream dress. It also comes in black and grey. This dress is perfect for the beginning of fall, when the weather is still warm. Lucky for me it costs less than the sweater and comes in xxs online (again, I'm really short). Check it out here.

Here are the shoes that I have wanted all summer, and had to wait till fall for. I haven't bought them yet, but I am determined to get them soon. They have a very boho feel, and are a great change to my classic Uggs (which I wore so much last winter, they got a hole in them).

Like these? Get them here.

Last, but not least, is a top that I actually saw online today. Now, I'm not sure how its going to fit, but hey, its pretty online. So, I'll find out soon enough if it looks good in person. The thing that drew me to it is the color. I tend to like anything in a pretty teal. Plus, the style is definitely in this season.

Get this shirt here.

Hope everyone liked the post! Email us with questions, or ideas and we'll try our best to help!


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